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SEVEN SEAS COLLEGE OF MARINE STUDIES PRIVATE LIMITED is a Marine Institute focused on providing high quality marine education with latest state of art facilities and training aids situated in Kashipur Distt-U.S.Nagar, (Uttarakhand).

Our College team consists of highly skilled marine experienced faculty with more than 15 years of experience in Navy & Merchant Navy. Our placement team consists of infidel with overseas experience and networking which gives us edge over any other players in market to provide better training and opportunity for any seaman who is looking to Endeavour in field of merchant navy.

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Ships play an important role in our day to day lives: It is said that “without ships half the world would starve and the other half would freeze.

Now imagine a world without ships !!

With no ships the entire world economy world collapse and we would all go back to Stone Age. Read on to know more about ships transport 90% of the world trade which means that almost every single thing used by you in your daily life has been carried in one form or the other by ships. Ships have large spaces called holds or tanks for storage of cargo for example, Oil is plentiful in the Persian gulf and is imported by most of the countries across the globe, so tankers it to USA, Europe, Japan and other importing countries.

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Our Quality Policy

We at Seven Seas college of Marine Studies commit to import High Quality comprehensive marine training to achieve the highest standards of excellence by complying with applicable statutory requirements and continually improving infrastructure and teaching practices.

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